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Dear Wasteland Wanderers:
Congratulations on your group's recent inclusion in the Wasteland community!

You will find outlined in your application materials a full review of rules and procedures related to preparing for shelter and survival in a Wasteland region, but we will outline a few key points here:

  • The Wasteland provides no clothing, bedding, or accommodations for residents. Personal belongings must be reviewed and approved of by an authorized loot-hungry raider before such belongings can stay with you within the Wasteland. In the event of an emergency attack on the wanderers, it is everyone for themselves.
  • All Wasteland wanderers must attend an orientation seminar. If you did not attend such a seminar as part of the application process, you must make an appointment with your Overseer.
  • In the event of a complete and terrible disaster, whether actual or drill, there won't be any kind of warning whatsoever, and there will be no siren audible in the immediate vicinity of any kind of sanctuary, so wanderers will be notified that they will be left to their own devices via logic and reason. Additionally, no message will be left at the phone number provided in their wanderer profile records. Please report promptly to the Wasteland to await pain, radiation, and death upon such a lack of notification.

The Wasteland looks forward to having you and your allies as valued victims! Be sure to present this letter to your Overseer to receive no reward whatsoever! Sincerely;
The Overseer
Dept of Everything
Wasteland, USA

Home Page

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